Fdbk HQ offers three versions of the “Winning With Feedback” workshop.

Creating a feedback culture begins with equipping all employees with a common language and skill set around receiving and giving feedback. While we cover essentially the same topics in all three workshops, we tailor every topic to the needs of each audience: individual contributors, intact teams, and formal leaders.

Winning With Feedback



  • Why feedback is the x-factor in personal growth, achievement, and leadership effectiveness.
  • The science behind difficult feedback conversations and how to “keep your head when all about you are losing theirs”.

Module 1

Receiving Feedback: Learn Faster, Work Smarter, and Avoid Disaster

  • How to find the gift in all feedback—even when the giver is unclear, unfair, misinformed, or punishing in their delivery.
  • How to get the timely feedback you need to succeed—even when those around you are reluctant to give it.

Module 2

Giving Feedback: Helping Others Excel While Building Effective Relationships

  • Deliver criticism so as to minimize blowback from recipients and maximize their learning.
  • Adjust the timing and delivery of your feedback to significantly improve employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and business results.
  • Give candid and clear feedback that helps others learn faster and achieve more.
  • Be generous with praise: help others leverage their strengths and soar to new heights.

Module 3

Creating a Feedback Culture
(Only Winning with Feedback for Teams and Winning with Feedback for Leaders include this module)

  • How to build a common language, mindset, and skill set around using feedback to drive individual, team, and organization success. For more information on The Keystone to Creating a Feedback Culture, click here

The Philosophical Underpinnings of


The central paradigm for the Receiving Feedback module is that the power of feedback to transform our lives depends less on the ability of others to give it well than it does on our ability to receive it well.

This paradigm should not be misconstrued to mean that we absolve the feedback giver of any and all responsibility to give feedback in a way that is helpful to the recipient. To balance the expectation we have of receivers to accept feedback as a gift, we teach participants that there is an equally important counterbalancing obligation on the part of the giver of feedback:

“We all have a duty to give feedback as if we were giving a gift—meaning our feedback should always be focused on the needs of the receiver rather than our own.”

In other words, every feedback conversation is preceded by the question, “How will this feedback help the receiver achieve her or his goals?” When giving feedback, the receiver’s goals come first.


To learn how you can get certified to teach our “Winning with Feedback” workshop

To learn how you can get certified to teach our
“Winning with Feedback” workshop

To speak to someone at Fdbk HQ about our “Winning with Feedback” workshop

To speak to someone at Fdbk HQ about our
“Winning with Feedback” workshop




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