Facilitator Certification


Get Certified to Teach “Winning with Feedback”

Why get certified:

    • Master a skill set that has the power to elevate your role as a leader and coach within your organization.
    • Tailor our courses to the unique needs of your organization and your internal clients.
    • Support the most efficient and cost-effective way to make Winning with Feedback a key part of your organization’s culture.


Step 1:

Attend the workshop and read the book, “The Feedback Breakthrough.”

Step 2:

Attend a trainer-certification course with our master trainer and author, Michael-John Bristow.

Step 3:

Identify personal stories, case studies, and exercises that will enable you to tailor the workshop to the unique needs of your audience and organization.

Step 4:

Get feedback and coaching from Michael-John Bristow on your plans to tailor the workshop to the needs of your audience.

Step 5:

Develop an implementation plan for your organization.

Step 6:

Purchase the learning resources for the people you will be teaching.

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Doug Johnson

Finding the Gift in Feedback is an invaluable resource for both teachers and administrators. The book puts feedback in a new light and helps readers find genuine value in all feedback.

Director of Human Resources, GST Boards of Cooperative Educational Services of New York State

Christina Ellis

Finding the Gift in Feedback has transformed my approach to criticism. When being observed by my principal and fellow educators, I used to think they were out to get me, and I thought I needed to be perfect. I only wanted to hear praise. I now welcome criticism as a key to my professional growth. I want observers to tell me what I can do to improve, not just what I did well. This compelling book has helped me harness the power of feedback to improve my teaching skills, my classroom management, and my students’ learning

Elementary School Teacher, Litchfield Park, Arizona

Matt Bertman

Where’s the Gift? has provided our employees with unique tools to unlock the mystery of how to receive feedback. The authors’ fresh perspectives on feedback are guaranteed to drive behavioral change in your organization.

Director, Organization Development and Training, Collins & Aikman

Eric McGonigle

Where’s the Gift? is a hard-hitting, to-the-point book which emphasizes the value of properly ‘digesting’ all feedback. Its benefits are applicable not just to supervisors but to everyone in the workplace and at home.

Employee Development, Cessna Aircraft Company

Barbara Rice

Where’s the Gift? is a gem of a book! The ‘gift’ mindset is innovative and powerful, the parable entertaining, the writing clear, and the practical step-by-step advice right on the money. If you’re committed to lifelong learning, there’s a huge payoff here.

President, AEO

David M.R. Covey

The Feedback Breakthrough is profound, insightful, and practical. It brilliantly illustrates the problem of inadequate and infrequent feedback, and it teaches us new skills for receiving and giving feedback. This book demonstrates why the quality, timing, and frequency of the feedback we provide is the x-factor in great leadership. I only wish I had access to the ideas in this book earlier in my career.

CEO of SM COVEY and bestselling author of Trap Tales: Outsmarting the 7 Obstacles to Success
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