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  1. We are Focused on Being World-Class in Only One Area

At Fdbk HQ (Feedback HQ if you wish to be formal) we don’t aspire to be experts in every area of human achievement. Instead, we focus only on being world-class experts in helping organizations achieve more by changing the way people think about feedback, talk about feedback, and engage in everyday feedback conversations.

Upgrading the quality and frequency of feedback conversations is our sole purpose because we know it transforms lives as well as organizations. It helps people grow. It engages them. It helps them excel. It helps teams and organizations win in the marketplace. And it makes people happier—people who are left in the dark about their performance aren’t happy about it (i.e., ignorance isn’t bliss).

  1. Our work is rooted in science.

We help people master principles and skills that are research-based (i.e., studies found in peer-reviewed journals) and field-tested.

For a brief introduction to some of the science that drives our work, click here

3. We debunk myths rather than perpetuate them

Myths (aka conventional wisdom and good intentions) frequently derail our feedback conversations. For example, we know that:

  • The conventional wisdom “diagnose before you prescribe” has been demonstrated to (1) escalate minor disagreements into major ones, and (2) lead to a lower commitment to change on the part of the feedback receiver.1
  • Well-intentioned efforts to eliminate discomfort from feedback conversations actually undermine rather than enhance learning and behavioral change.

1 Jackie Gnepp, Joshua Klayman, Ian Williamson, and Sema Barlas, “The Future of Feedback: Motivating Performance Improvement through Future-Focused Feedback,” PLOS ONE, 15(6): e0234444. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.023444 (June 19, 2020)

Click here for our blog exploring The Six Myths Undermining our Feedback Conversations.

4. We Focus on Long-Term Behavior Change

The goal of learning is not only knowledge, but action, and we apply this philosophy to all our work with clients. Our experiential learning approach, including classroom practice and feedback, leads to both crucial mindset shifts as well as long-term behavior change.

At our workshops participants will often comment on their ah-ha moments, but weeks, months, and even years later, we will hear about the positive impact of their new skills.

Our focus on long-term behavior change also leads us to focus on teaching a few high-impact behaviors that participants can remember and apply on a daily basis—rather than a lot of things they will struggle to remember and rarely apply. To achieve this end we follow the 80:20 rule and ask ourselves: what are the high-impact behaviors—the 20%—that deliver 80 percent of the desired outcomes in terms of learning, growth, and goal attainment? Once we have identified the high-impact behaviors, we design our workshops to make the learning experience fun, memorable, and transferable.

5. Our Satisfied Customers

More than 90 percent of our workshop participants say they would recommend our workshop to others. To see what some of our clients have to say about our workshops and facilitators, click here.


Fdbk HQ is proud to partner with:

To learn how you can get certified to teach our “Winning with Feedback” workshop

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Fdbk HQ offers three versions the “Winning with Feedback”.

Creating a feedback culture begin with equipping all employees with a common language around receiving and giving feedback. While we cover essentially the same topics in all three workshops, we tailor each topic to the need of each audience/individual contributors intact teams and formal leaders.
Why feedback is the x-factor in personal growth, achievement, and leadership effectiveness.
The science behind difficult feedback conversations and how to “keep your head when all about you are losing theirs”

Module 1

  • Receiving Feedback: Learn Faster, Work Smarter, Avoid Disaster
  • How to find the gift in all feedback—even when the giver is unclear, unfair, misinformed, or punishing in their delivery.
  • How to get the timely feedback you need to succeed, even when those around you are reluctant to give it.

Module 2

  • Giving Feedback: Helping Others Excel While Building Relationships
  • Deliver criticism so as to minimize blowback from recipients and maximize their learning.
  • Adjust the timing and delivery of your feedback to significantly improve employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and business results.
  • Give candid and clear feedback that helps others learn faster and achieve more.
  • Be generous with praise: it helps others leverage their strengths and soar to new heights.
  • Winning with Feedback for Teams and Winning with Feedback for Leaders contain one additional module: Creating a Feedback Culture
  • For more information on our approach to Creating a Feedback Culture

Module 3

  • Winning with Feedback for Teams and Winning with Feedback for Leaders contain one additional module: Creating a Feedback Culture
  • For more information on our approach to Creating a Feedback Culture


Our Industry-Leading Guarantee

Because we know our training will be a hit with participants and a catalyst for change, we offer an industry-leading guarantee.

If we provide a learning experience and our average facilitator ratings are below 4.5 on a 5-point scale, we will refund 100 percent of the facilitation fee.

You can be confident that our training will be relevant, insightful, engaging, and transformative.

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